Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences - B
Voulume: 32
Issue: 4
Article No. 1
Performance Enhancement techniques in vapour Compression refrigeration system by various evaporator loads and thermoelectric sub cooling
All Saintsu2019 College of Technology, Bhopal
All Saintsu2019 College of Technology, Bhopal
Abstract :

Part load performance analysis on simple VCR system using selected refrigerant mixture at different loading conditions is completed to identify the economic mode of loading in the evaporator. In this research work, evaporator has been loaded at different loading (thermal loading – cooling of liquid substance in the evaporator) conditions like 25, 50, 75 and 100% of its capacity based on its volume and water is considered as a substance to be cooled in the evaporator for analyzing the performance of the refrigeration system at different loading conditions. The cooling temperature C and the condensation process has range of water is considered from 26 to 2 been carried out by Atmospheric Air Circulation (AAC) mode. The various performance indexes of refrigeration systems namely work input to the compressor, condenser heat rejection rate, refrigerating effect and COP are obtained based on unit mass flow rate of the refrigerant in this analysis. Experimental results.

Experimental analysis has been carried out with 3oC of subcooling in the VCR system with thermoelectric subcooling and various performance indexes are investigated with reference to water temperature in the evaporator at different loading conditions. Significant improvements in various performance indexes have been obtained for VCR system with thermoelectric subcooling. The experimental results clearly state that 75% loading condition gives the highest COP at lowest temperature of evaporator substance. Among various loading conditions, COP of 75% loading condition is about 6.7, 3.9 and 25.13% higher than that of 25, 50 and 100% loading conditions respectively. suggest that 75% loading condition is the significant one among other loading conditions in the evaporator.

Keyword : thermoelectric subcooling, VCR system, Refrigerating effect, Power consumption, COP
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