Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences - B
Voulume: 33
Issue: 6
Article No. 1
A Review on Physical and Optical Properties of Zinc Tellurite Glasses Co-doped with different rare earth ions
Physics Department, Madhyanchal Professional University, Bhopal-462044 (M.P.) (India)
Physics Department, Madhyanchal Professional University, Bhopal-462044 (M.P.) (India)
Abstract :

In this work we review the effect of physical and optical properties with different ion zinc contents of tellurite base glass. The physical properties of the glasses were evaluated and the change in density, molar volume and ionic packing density in these glasses indicates the effect of ZnO different content show on the glasses structure. The study of optical properties such as the optical band gap and refractive index of zinc tellurite glass were studied. Zinc Tellurite glasses doped with Er3+ ions were synthesized by varies researcher. The glasses were characterized by X- ray diffraction, optical absorption and photoluminescence spectra. The glassy nature of zinc Tellurite host glass has been confirmed through XRD measurements. The glasses doped or co-doped with rare-earth ions have generated much interest due to the possibility of several promising applications such as optical data storage, visible laser, fibre amplifier, optical communication and sensor devices

Keyword : Zinc Tellurite glasses, , molar volume, optical properties
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