Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences - B
Voulume: 28
Issue: 6
Article No. 1
Solar activity related periodicities in sea surface temperature

Department of Physics, University College, Thiruvananthapuram (India)

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Abstract :

Sun is a variable star showing a great variety of non-stationary active processes. Such non-stationary and non-equilibrium processes (solar activity) can lead to sporadic acceleration of energetic particles with greatly enhanced flux (solar wind). These processes modify the radiation environment of Earth and cause strong geomagnetic storms through coupling of solar wind and Earth’s magnetosphere. This may lead to aurorae and large electric currents that can disrupt communication, power grids and satellite navigation. During active times, Sun’s energy output is irregular and highly explosive. Earth’s climate is also influenced by solar activity variations. Sea surface temperature is a well known parameter relating to climate change. It can influence air on the near shore atmosphere and its variations can modify Earth’s climatein a highly complex way. Present study analyzes sea surface temperature and solar activity variations, in order to find out the presence of solar activity related periodicities in sea surface temperature.Wavelet analysis of global, northern and southern sea surface temperature time series and various solar activity indices were carried out. Major long-term periodicity found common in global, northern and southern sea surface temperature is 17.9 years. Southern hemisphere sea surface temperature variation is shown mainly to follow variations in sunspot activity. However, global sea surface temperature and northern hemisphere sea surface temperature variations are more influenced by asymmetry in the polar magnetic field of the Sun.

Keyword : Sea surface temperature, Solar activity, Solar magnetic field, Sunspots
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Article No. 2
Equations of state for metals under high compression

Department of Physics, Chintamani College of Science-Pombhurna District-Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India

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Abstract :

The extreme compression value of the pressure derivative of bulk modulus i.e. Koo has been treated as an adjustable parameter in recent studies on high pressure equations of state (EOS) for solids. The present study presents the elastic behaviour of metals i.e. Iron, Aluminium and Copper under high compression with  the help of Birch-Murnaghan, Bre-Stacey, Shanker, Born, Vinet, Bardeen, Ullaman and Tait Equations of state.

Further these EOS have been critically examined by evaluating the values of pressure derivative of bulk modulus at infinite pressure. The value of this parameter is found out to be grater than 5/3 by some EOS in case of Fe, Al and Cu such results is in good agreement with the Seismic Study of these metals.

Keyword : Elastic Behaviour, High Compression, Equation of state
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Article No. 3
A brief review of the Cuts in Integer Programming Problem

College of Business Administration, Al Kharj Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, P.O. Box No.: 165, Zip Code:11942, Al Kharj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;

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Abstract :

The paper presents an overview of various cuts which are used in obtaining the integer solution to an Integer Programming Problem. The decision variables of any problem that must assume non-fractional values may be categorized as an integer programming.
The Cut is a device for reducing the feasible region. Whereas the feasible region is a set of feasible solution. Numerous mathematicians and researchers developed various Cuts for different Integer programming problem from time to time. An optimal solution is achieved in a minimum number of phases after using a developed Cut. Integer programming problems are widely used in many applications like Production planning, Scheduling, Telecommunications networks, Cellular network, etc.

Keyword : Integer Programming, Linear Programming, Cuts, feasible region and optimal solution
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