Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences - B
Voulume: 34
Issue: 2
Article No. 1
Removal of heavy metals (Nickel and Molybdenum) from wastewater using low cost adsorbents (China clay and Fly ash)
Associate Professor Chemistry. Sahu Jain college Najibabad, Distt-Bijnor 246763 (UP) (India)
Abstract :

The present paper reveals that the potential of China clay and Fly ash were used as adsorbent for the removal of heavy metals such as Ni(II) and Mo(VI) from known concentration of waste water was investigated. Hence the study indicates that the low cost adsorbent of China clay is used for removing 90% and 69% of Ni(II) and Mo(VI) respectively. Fly ash used for removing 84% and 77.6% of Ni(II) and Mo(VI) from wastewater from the initial metal ion concentration of 4.26x105 M and 1.49x105M solution respectively. Batch adsorption studies demonstrated that the adsorbents had significant capacity to adsorb Ni(II) and Mo(VI) from aqueous solution. It was found that the adsorption increased with increase in contact time. Also, percentage adsorption depends on change in pH of N(II) and Mo(VI) solution.

Keyword : Heavy metals, Adsorbents, Effect of Contact time, Agricultural waste
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Article No. 2
Polynomials Related to Generalized Fibonacci Sequence
Professor, Christian Eminent College, Indore (India)
Assistant Professor, Mata Jijabai Government Girls PG College, Indore (India)
Abstract :

In this paper we extend the Fibonacci recurrence relation to define the sequence {Cn } and derive some properties of this sequence. We also define the four comparison sequence {Pn }, {Qn }, {Rn }, {Sn }. We also obtain some identities with the help of generating matrix.

Keyword : Fibonacci Number, Fibonacci Sequence, Mathematics Subject Classification: 11B39,
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