Aims & Scope

Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences  B (JUSPS)

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All areas of Pure and Applied Physics , Engineering Physics and interdisciplinary subjects.

Earth Sciences

All areas of Pure and Applied Earth Sciences , Engineering Geology and interdisciplinary subjects. 


All areas of Pure and Applied nanotechnology  interdisciplinary subjects. 

Engineering and Material Science

All fields of engineering and Pure and Applied Material Science &  interdisciplinary subjects. 


All fields of Management including implementations.


All areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics , Engineering Mathematics and interdisciplinary subjects.


All areas of Pure & Applied Biiology, Pure & Applied Microbiology, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biomathematics and interrelated subject.

Chemistry & Environmental Sciences

All areas of Pure and Applied Chemistry , Engineering Chemistry and interdisciplinary subjects.

Computer Science & Information Technology

All areas of Computer Science, Information Technology  and interdisciplinary subjects.



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